PSTEC™ (Percussive Suggestion Technique)

An Amazing Development In Therapy.

Percussive Suggestion Technique™ (PSTEC) is amazing people all over the world. The effectiveness of this powerful self help and therapy method has been independently verified many times over by therapists all over the world. I decided to offer this because it’s important for you to get access to the very very best. PSTEC can be used to quickly turn off the torrent of unwanted feelings and beliefs that characterises emotional problems.

This was developed in the UK by Tim Phizackerley, (a therapist with an international reputation). He designed it to set people free, and he chose to make it available to all so that you can confirm for yourself this really works.

Typical Uses Include:

 1 Phobias
2 Depression
3 Relationship issues
4 Confidence issues and low self esteem
5 Insecurities
6 Self hatred
7 Unresolved grief
8 Post Traumatic Stress
9 Consequences of abuse
10 Unresolved grief
11 Nightmares
12 Behavioural addictions
13 Compulsions and obsessions
14 Work or health related anxiety
15 Stress
16 Jealousy
17 Anger and resentment
18 etc.

I can give you access and the information you need about this truly remarkable therapy.
So contact me for more information.

PSTEC Audios.

In my practice I use the basic system and I also use some of the even more sophisticated Percussive Suggestion materials. Sometimes when doing phone therapy these might be desired so I have some of them listed here. Remember to bookmark this page.

PSTEC™ MP3 Download (free basic system only)
PSTEC Level 1 – mp3 download
Cancer: FREE PSTEC Special
The PSTEC Accelerators – mp3 download
How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way
PSTEC Stop Smoking – Self Help
PSTEC Miracles Toolkit – mp3 download
PSTEC Weight Loss “Power Upgrade”


PSTEC™ has been described as being “possibly the fastest and most efficient neutraliser of problem emotions ever created”. Avoid suffering a torrent of unwanted emotion by using PSTEC to switch off emotional problems and give me a call.

The standard system comes to you as a set of free mp3 tracks. Do either watch or download the video to play it. As you listen, remember that help really is available and you I can guide you through this. You can use this for almost anything. PSTEC is designed to help you be happier and more successful. Remove your emotional blocks. Change old ways of thinking. Embed new levels of success and create better reactions. Get rid of problems and escape your emotional baggage. Be set free to enjoy life.

Think of the PSTEC mp3 audio system as ‘an eraser for the mind’ which works to quickly and easily erase emotional problems. It is designed to quickly and effectively embed better ways of thinking, feeling and reacting.

Unless otherwise stated, opinions expressed are those of the author. Users should make up their own mind as to suitability. Video is meant to illustrate the capabilities of the standard PSTEC™ therapy system but for obvious reasons, no absolute guarantee of success is either made or implied.PSTEC therapy legal info


…eternally grateful!

As a result of the coaching, my anxiety is gone, I know everything I want to do now and I have more confidence in myself.


…very exciting and challenging…

I found Estelle to be supportive, knowledgeable and challenging – in a good way!

Janelle Flynn

…a fantastic journey and experience…

The “Your Success VIP Program” has been a fantastic journey and experience, I have gained a lot from this program. Estelle really made me feel comfortable to express myself openly and honestly.

Simone Sleep

So simple and effective…

More power to you for providing empathic, potent and practical solutions, which are simple to grasp & to practise.

Harry Nightingale jnr

I have learnt a lot more about myself…

I have learnt a lot more about myself and I will most certainly deal with situations in a different light in the future.

P. Arnold

I am now achieving great results in my life…

I am now achieving great results in my life and would recommend working with Estelle if looking to enhance your life.

Catherine S.

What I have gained … can only be described as liberating..

Your guidance was invaluable. The tools I am walking away with from our sessions will help me to continue to grow and have a fulfilling and rewarding life without the self doubt.

Sonya Lee

…my life has changed for the better…

Estelle challenged me to be honest and make difficult choices when needed. This … seems to come naturally to Estelle and makes her an ideal coach.