Unlock Your Full Potential.

Many people live their lives on auto-pilot. They get up each morning to rush to a job they don’t particularly like, in order to fund a lifestyle that they’re not particularly excited about. They spend enormous energy maintaining a persona: a facsimile of a respectable person, a hard-working person, a family-loving person, a fun-loving person, a good friend, a respectable citizen and so on.

All of these personas are only a fraction of what is inside each individual, and is often tied to an idea of how you should behave according to external rules dictated by family, culture and society, but it is a one-dimensional entity – a parody of the rich tapestry that goes to make up a human being. This is an invitation to explore the totality of you – delivered through the medium of coaching.

Do you have a yearning for a different life?

Do you feel stuck by situations that you feel you have no control over?

Is there something you want in life but don't have the confidence to pursue?

Are your relationships lack-lustre so you feel trapped?

Do you make excuses as to why you aren't happy?


Coaching is a simple yet effective form of personal development where the Client and Coach create an alliance that promotes and sustains the Client’s personal growth and competence. This powerful relationship enables the Client to give up who they are for who they want to become.

Strategic Intervention

Strategic Intervention encompasses strategies that span from the belief systems and emotional patterns within an individual, to individual relationships, to group dynamics, to organizational and cultural interventions.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programs).

Learning Academy

Check out courses available on the Smart Healthy Women Academy. From mindfulness to spirituality, managing life’s many changes to creating more money and fun, our Academy delivers short, actionable courses that get you moving in the right direction – at an incredible price.

What Is Life Coaching?

Coaching is the practice of supporting, challenging and empowering an individual or group/team through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result via cutting edge strategies and change techniques.

It is distinct from training and mentoring, in that the coach/client relationship is one of trust, accountability and responsiveness.

Training is teaching an individual or group how to achieve a result by imparting practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies, while mentoring is the process of an expert providing their expertise to less experienced individuals to help them advance their careers, education, and build their networks.

How does coaching differ from counselling and therapy?
Coaching differs enormously from counselling and therapy. While these professions are trained to deal with specific issues of pathology, healing and unresolved psychological issues of the past, coaching is more future-oriented and encourages the client to explore and create options and possibilities to improve their lives going forward. Also, counsellors and therapists are often engaged as a referral from a doctor or other health professional, while coaches are sought out by the client as a proactive move towards achieving specific goals. Counselling and therapy can often take many sessions which can last for months and sometimes years, while coaching can effect change in a much shorter time. This of course depends upon the working models and competency of the practitioner or coach.
How long does it take?

I recommend coaching programs be undertaken at a minimum of three months, while six to twelve month programs are highly recommended for the very best results and to provide the best value and to create lasting change.

What is a Success Coach?

A Success Coach will provide tools, strategies and learnings to ensure success in whatever aspect of life and experience the client requires. For example, to be successful one person may feel they need to have a successful career, while another may feel they need to be financially successful to consider themselves a success. Still another may feel that having a successful marriage or relationship, or successful family relations may be more important, or to be successful with their weight, body image or health in general. The Success Coach is trained to deal with each and every field of success possible. They have a focus on understanding and steering the client towards successful outcomes that the client has been unable to achieve by other means. By coaching clients towards success, the client will typically find that other areas of life benefit enormously from the changes and strategies implemented in the area being sought.

Can coaching save my marriage?
It is proven that coaching can offer tools, insights and strategies to enhance relationships, build bridges and even to ignite passion when it appears that a relationship has fizzled out. Most people don’t get training on how to have a successful relationship, and so it is no surprise that many relationships end in failure. Successful relationship coaching is no magic bullet, but a serious commitment from the coach and an equally serious commitment from the client to understand relationship dynamics and commit to implementing proven strategies to create successful, passionate relationships is a vital ingredient to success.
How much does it cost?

Considering the results that coaching can deliver, it is a very affordable investment in an individual or team. Most people are reluctant to commit to an investment in themselves and their own success, and yet this success can provide the basis of ongoing financial, emotional, family and individual stability and peace of mind. Most of us think nothing of spending money on cars, mobile phones, clothes, watches, shoes, computers and computer games, and so on, so it may come as a surprise how little most people seem prepared to actually invest in themselves and their success or even their happiness. Why not check out our coaching packages here.

Can I have a chat with a coach to decide if it will benefit me and before committing to a program?

This is a great idea, both for the client and the coach. It gives the client a taste of what a coaching session is likely to involve, how they feel about it and their coach, and also gives the coach a sense of how likely the client will be to benefit from a coaching program, since not everyone is suited to coaching.

Book in for a 15 minute Discovery Session for only $20.

About Me

I am a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, NLP Performance Coach, Trainer of Coaches, Time Line Practitioner and also apply Strategic Intervention and EFT in my practice.

I love providing my clients with successful strategies for realising a life of purpose, meaning and fulfilment using the best in change tools to ensure rapid results.



“When we first met, I have to admit I had no idea what the difference between a “life coach” and a “counsellor” was. All I did know was that I didn’t need a counsellor…..your explanation of what you did started me thinking maybe I could use your services.

Typical of who I am, I jumped in with both feet and took up the six session package.

It is hard to put into words the impact these sessions have had on my life. I can say that what I have gained both personally and professionally can only be described as liberating. From discussing my thoughts and becoming aware of how I was coping wth my teenagers, business, husband and friends, to learning tools to handle life’s little (and big) stresses was priceless. Your guidance was invaluable.

The tools I am walking away with from our sessions will help me to continue to grow and have a fulfilling and rewarding life without the self doubt.

To anyone thinking….should I…..then yes….you should “GET A LIFE”.

To Estelle – Thank You!”

Sonya Lee

Owner, SL Conveyancing

“Estelle really made me feel comfortable to express myself openly and honestly. I really enjoyed her direction, and that’s how I work effectively and it came at a time in my life when I needed to change my mindset. My expectations for this coaching program were to get more concrete about my purpose in life and I got to see the areas I need to improve that will help me achieve my goals. I was coming out of a separation and so it helped me to heal wounds quickly.

The top benefits I received from working with Estelle are being able to comfortably share my life in an environment that I felt completely safe in, trust in Estelle and she didn’t feed my victim side. Estelle is very caring, understanding and just a great person to work with.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Estelle and discovering more about myself and how I react to situations in my life. I loved the practicality of the workbook and got a lot out of it. Following up my discoveries with Estelle made it all a very fun ride. I highly recommend Estelle to anyone who would like to improve their life and work out a plan to achieve your dreams. Thank you Estelle and look forward to keep working with you.”

Simone Sleep

Director, Gold Coast Antiaging

“When I decided to book a package of 3 coaching sessions, my expectations were that they would help me lessen my anxiety and help me define a path to move forward.

As a result of the coaching, my anxiety is gone, I know everything I want to do now and I have more confidence in myself.

I loved that Estelle was flexible, she provided a lovely relaxed atmosphere and that she stood up to me when I needed it.

After very few sessions, I know what I want to do now.

Estelle never strayed once from what I was there for.

Every minute was spent on getting the best result for me, we kept going until we got it.

If you are willing to give it everything to get the result you want, Estelle is the one to help you achieve that.

She’s not afraid to do things a little out of the ordinary, and take it from me, sometimes that’s what it takes.

Eternally grateful.”


Free Coaching Resources

7 Week Life Makeover

Take our free 7 week online course based on core coaching principles and watch your life transform before your eyes. It’s based on Tony Robbin’s Six Human Needs training.

Heart Activation Meditation

This special audio recording is designed to help you reconnect with your heart space and heal your inner child. It includes an exercise to connect your breath to your heart and truly relax.

Wellness eBook

A collection of essays from my Smart Healthy Women magazine to help you to discover the myriad ways that you can rediscover your wellness – it’s your natural birthright!

Find Your Balance.

Set Your Goals.

Take A Challenge.

Reward Yourself.





I created this business to  assist my clients to discover and honour their potential.

Often, we go through life as if we have no choices, that the circumstances of our birth and of our environment dictate what kind of day, week, year and indeed life we have.

But that is a lie – it’s a lie we are told by our parents, our peers, our society and our culture. And most damaging of all, it’s a lie that we tell ourselves every day.

And yet the process of change is easy – and it starts with you and a conversation.

With what your vision for yourself is.

With what you dare to dream.

With how to create a life full of meaning for you, so that you can’t wait to get out of bed each morning.