Often when I meet someone new, I ask them “Who’s your coach?” Invariably the answer comes back as “No-one – I don’t need a coach”. Which is a great answer and the one I most like to hear.


Because that means that the person is already creating clear and specific goals, has a solid action plan in place that is being tracked blow by blow, they have organised their own system to keep them accountable to their goals to ensure they follow through, and are able to identify any beliefs or blocks that arise on the way to their goals that are preventing their achievement. And that they do this in all major areas of their life such as their career, their health/weight, their relationships and their finances. OR they don’t understand that a coach can help them to get all of these things in a lot faster and much more fun way than if they are left to their own methods.

Here are some other reasons one should consider being coached:

– We don’t always have access to the big picture and so we can easily get stuck in one frame of reference in our life. You need an unbiased and objective view of your situation – it might feel nice if those close to us keep saying you’re right and you’re doing everything you can,  but playing it safe got you where you are now. Learn how to have fun and challenge yourself!

– Once you stop limiting yourself with thought patterns and belief systems that were not even yours to begin with, you free up an abundant source of energy to get you into the flow of life and start truly living!

– A coach isn’t just interested in your dreams, they fully expect that you have them AND they can help you form a plan to get you there – they don’t buy limitations!

– A coaching relationship offers trust, commitment, mutual learning, risk and, most importantly, belief. Having a coach who is committed 100% to your success and the belief in your ability to get it is priceless!

– Every top performer in their field – the best athletes, CEOs, sales professionals, politicians, yes, even coaches, all have a coach!

So let me ask you – “Who’s your coach?”