What is your experience of fear?

Is it fear that you will fail, or arguably more common, that you will succeed?

Is it keeping you small, feeding itself on the negative self-talk of ‘not good enough’, ‘not accepted’, or ‘not loved’?

What if, instead of STOP, whenever fear showed up it meant GO FOR IT!


There is only one antidote to fear – and that is to do the very thing you fear. Don’t wait for courage to appear to overcome the fear. Courage comes from acknowledging the fear and acting in spite of it.

Until you take this step, the fear will be the monster that lurks under the bed, or the stalker lying in wait in the woods, or the unforgiving mob, torches and stones at the ready, waiting for you to slip up.

Fear is built into our DNA, it was designed to get our butt into gear when that sabertooth tiger or that woolly mammoth came stampeding towards us, disaster imminent if we didn’t get moving, and quickly! The chances of a tiger or elephant (to translate this scene into today’s parlance) coming between us and our goals is utterly remote to say the least.

So if you embrace your fear, what is the worst that would happen? That’s right, you will find another way not to ‘invent the lightbulb’. And just maybe you will grow an inch or two. And just maybe you will learn something new.

And who doesn’t like to learn something new – instead of a barrier to your success, look at fear as the gateway to amazing!

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that there is something more important than fear”. – Ambrose Redmoon

© Copyright Estelle Williams 2011