Success Summit Program


The Success Summit Program will get you to the top of the mountain and have you planning the next mountain to conquer. With twelve weeks of laser coaching you will create a momentum plan to have you setting ‘sky’s-the-limit’ goals in multiple areas of your life, and then formulating a way to achieve these goals. Each week is a rung on the ladder to your ultimate successful life plan. At the end of the 12 weeks you will have all the tools and strategies you need to reach your highest goals.

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So what do I get?

The Success Summit Program Plus includes 12 x 1 hour coaching sessions with your coach by arrangement once you purchase the program. The modules included in the Success Summit Program are as follows:

  • About You
  • About Your Coaching
  • Overview
  • Action Plans
  • Module 1: Your thoughts create your world
  • Module 2: Your personal compass
  • Module 3: What is your destination?
  • Module 4: Keys to understanding what drives you
  • Module 5: Keys to understanding your relationships
  • Module 6: Keys to managing your life for success
  • Module 7: Understanding your key decisions
  • Module 8: Expanding your identity
  • Module 9: Creating determination and motivation
  • Module 10: Fear and what to do about it
  • Module 11: Overcoming conflict at home and in the workplace
  • Module 12: Integrating your journey
  • Summary


…eternally grateful!

As a result of the coaching, my anxiety is gone, I know everything I want to do now and I have more confidence in myself.


…very exciting and challenging…

I found Estelle to be supportive, knowledgeable and challenging – in a good way!

…a fantastic journey and experience…

The “Your Success VIP Program” has been a fantastic journey and experience, I have gained a lot from this program. Estelle really made me feel comfortable to express myself openly and honestly.

So simple and effective…

More power to you for providing empathic, potent and practical solutions, which are simple to grasp & to practise.

Harry Nightingale jnr

I have learnt a lot more about myself…

I have learnt a lot more about myself and I will most certainly deal with situations in a different light in the future.

P. Arnold

I am now achieving great results in my life…

I am now achieving great results in my life and would recommend working with Estelle if looking to enhance your life.

Catherine S.

What I have gained … can only be described as liberating..

Your guidance was invaluable. The tools I am walking away with from our sessions will help me to continue to grow and have a fulfilling and rewarding life without the self doubt.

Sonya Lee

…my life has changed for the better…

Estelle challenged me to be honest and make difficult choices when needed. This … seems to come naturally to Estelle and makes her an ideal coach.